Hello known Fediverse!
I'm new here – whom should I ? Do you have any other recommendations about the Fediverse/Mastodon a newbie should know?

hi @dom and welcome to the fediverse! I wrote a quick guide on my blog, maybe you'll find it useful. Cheers!

@mauro thanks a lot for your guide! Followed along and made some adjustments to my profile! 🙂
Any people I should follow? I've searched here and there and followed some.. still looking for more!

@dom Glad to help! Have you checked Trunk yet?

It's a good start, but in the end I suggest you to take your time, lurk the timelines, check who's following who and you'll get to meet who you like. It's really a huge federation of communities here. There are no algorithms to give you suggestions luckily, so it's up to the people really, and it's good it is like this. Less efficient? Yes. More human? Of course!


@mauro Yes, actually I have. I have still 10 tabs open with topics I'm interested in. 😄
For now I need to get some work done, but I'll definitely go through the lists later!
Human Connection > Algorithm Connection 🙂
btw: Thanks for boosting! 🙌

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