@Torie Maybe you should lend your voice to Alexa or Google Home! 😉

Attending the All About Voice conference today. Excited to connect to other voice assistant experts. Currently on stage: Bret Kinsella from voicebot.ai!

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@Torie what are your problems with polyamory?

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The fact that DuckDuckGo and its 67 employees produce a search experience that is almost imperceptibly different than Google's is one of the most impressive achievements in tech right now.

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i used to be really into having the newest computer gadget. now i use refurbished hardware. it's so much cheaper. it lasts. it reduces landfill waste. it's great, and i don't really feel like i am missing out on much tech-wise.

here are some tips if you need tech stuff but don't want to spend a lot of money, support horrible companies, and such (1/n)
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Wer FaceApp kritisiert, darf zu Google, Facebook und Co. nicht schweigen!


It‘s interesting how non-constructive feedback in client projects can increase your motivation to work on your own ideas, in order to create a future, in which you don’t have to deal with clients, who think they know better.

A friend of mine threw his party in a country that doesn't exist.
Who has heard of Transnistria?


@Themanwhoisit Bin absolut kein Experte, aber wie schaut es mit dem "Transport" des Stroms aus?

@mary Willkommen bei Fidelius! 🙋‍♂️

Thought experiment for saving our planet:
1. Every single product gets tagged with a CO2 footprint.
2. Everything you buy is saved in your digital identity. (which you own?)
3. There is a limit per year of how much CO2 you are allowed to produce.
4. If you exceed this limit, you're not allowed to do bigger purchases, like buying a flight. (buying groceries probably should still be allowed)

What do you think?

Doconomy is trying that with a credit card: forbes.com/sites/davidebanis/2

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