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Join fidelius, find like-minded people and stop corporations from owning your digital self!

Why should you join?

Corporations are currently owning our digital selves. They know who you are. This includes not only that they know what you buy and what you are interested in, but also all your secrets you shared with your friends. Even though they claim to keep your data safe, they still own it on their servers. This is why you should join Mastodon. It's a decentralized platform, which gives ownership back to the people. I don't really mind if you join this instance of Mastodon or another – as long as you join! If you want to see which other instances are available, you can check out instances.social


Our Values

fidelius is all about being open-minded, honest, curious about life, being grateful and kind to each other.

Any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia and anything that's spreading hate will be banned!

Fidelius is hosted by dom and is mostly for friends and family. If you don't know me, you can try your luck with registering anyways, maybe we will become friends.

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